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Martin Counseling & Consultation, LLC

Supervising Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Licensed Social Worker, and EMDR Certified Therapist

Start your journey to feeling better today – a contemporary, effective process to mental and physical well-being

Martin Counseling & Consultation, LLC: Photo of Victoria Martin, PCC-S, LSW

Victoria Martin, PCC-S, LSW

“Life Is Not About Waiting For The Storm To Pass; It’s About Learning To Dance In The Rain.”

Vivian Greene

Treating A Wide Range Of Issues

Providing individual, youth, couples, and family counseling, including  EAP services (employee assistant program) through contracts with various companies. Specializing in trauma work and certified in EMDR Therapy, a specific type of trauma-based therapy. Work with first responders. Providing consultation to companies in the form of training for employees and other consultative services for companies when it comes to their employees’ mental health and substance use needs. Training to community partners like schools and businesses.

“It’s important to realize that no type of therapy will make the trauma disappear, but EMDR therapy can most definitely allow you to take your power back from the control the trauma response has on you! Learn how to take your power back… you owe it to yourself!”

Victoria Martin, PCC-S, LSW, EMDR Certified Therapist
Victoria Martin’s Psychology Today Profile

Let’s See If We Are The Right Fit.

Determining whether I’m the right fit for you involves considering several factors related to your personal preferences, my approach, and the quality of the relationship between us.

Please reflect on your own needs and preferences. Are you looking for a specific type of therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or someone specializing in an area like anxiety, depression, or couples counseling?

Think about practical factors such as my location, availability, and whether you need me to accept your insurance or offer sliding-scale fees.

Reach out to me via phone or email to ask about my approach, specialties, and whether I have experience working with clients who share your concerns.

The first session is a great opportunity to assess your comfort level with me and discuss your goals for therapy. Please pay attention to how you feel during and after our session.

A strong therapeutic alliance is crucial for effective therapy. Did you feel heard, understood, and respected by me on your first visit? Was there a sense of trust and rapport?

Ultimately, trusting your intuition is essential when deciding if I’m the right fit for you. If you feel comfortable and supported, and you’re making progress, you’ve likely found a good match.

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Accepted Payments

I do not accept insurance. My counseling fees are paid upfront at the time of the session. Individuals can choose to pay with cash, credit cards, or Health Savings account cards, and a statement will be provided to all who wish to submit to their insurance to seek possible reimbursement. For more information about pricing, don’t hesitate to contact me at (937) 717-3089 or via my contact form.


Of course, due to confidentiality between a counselor and a client, names cannot be printed. But, all testimonials below are from my clients, who have permitted me to print their anonymous reviews.

"Choosing to go through therapy with Vickie Martin was one of the most life-changing things I have done. Significant changes happened through the therapy. I was able to connect my fear and lack of self-worth to traumatic events in the past. Doing so helped me let go of that fear and increase my self-worth. Now when a self-limiting thought comes up, I know exactly why that thought is there. This understanding allows me to change my thinking. I am more confident than I have ever been!"

Adult Female, 45

“I will be forever grateful to Vickie Martin and EMDR therapy. She saved my son’s life. He experienced a very significant trauma and was in a downward spiral using alcohol as a coping mechanism. A friend invited me to an event where Vickie was speaking about EMDR therapy and I immediately thought about my son. He had seen a few different therapists in the past so he didn’t have a lot of faith in the process, but he was in so much pain he was willing to meet with Vickie. He felt comfortable with Vickie and after his first visit he called me and said, “mom, you might be right about this.

Through their work together he was able to work through his trauma and learn heathy coping skills/resources. He has been able to use these skills/resources during times of stress and has maintained his sobriety since -almost 2 years now. As a parent, there is nothing worse than watching your child struggle while trying to cope and drown their pain and trauma with alcohol. You want to be able to take the pain and hurt away and not being able to is devastating. I am so thankful that Vickie was able to break through the trauma and help my son heal. If you are reading this, then you are likely looking for something that could help you or a loved one. I encourage you to find the strength to make an appointment and start the journey to healing. If Vickie could save my son, then I have faith she can help yours too.”

Mother of Adult Male Client Age 25